Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Love After Midnight - The Moonlight Strings

Welcome back to the Starlite Lounge, where we love serving up a potent cocktail or two--with the sole intention of putting you in a better frame of mind, of course.  Tonight we encourage you to imbibe this scintillating mixture by The Moonlight Strings, "Love After Midnight".  Call us square, but this has turned out to be an important find since we gave it a spin here at the Lounge.  This is Eames-era elevator music extraordinaire, ladies and gentlemen.  True, gossamer productions like "Lonely Is The Name" are the kind of thing we're in love with. But we admit, we live for the moment in "Spanish Flea" where the lush arrangement suddenly gives way to a burst of swanktastic horns and late 60s party atmosphere.  Even the cover here is something to behold, in all it's shagtastic glory.  And yes, we're talking about the carpet.  The cover star herself seems to have her mind on other things, such as love and some kind of necklace.  Drink up, this is the kind of thing we live for here at the Starlite Lounge!

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