Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moods for Lovers - Lew White

We love lovers here at the Starlite Lounge, and continuing our theme of organ magic, here's a 10 incher from Lew White called "Moods For Lovers".  Get yourself an old-fashioned, and listen to these old-fashioned musty organ romps.  We especially love Lew's take on "September Song", which appears on a few of these hi-fi releases--yes, we love it because it was on "Voices In Motion".  So sue us.

Lew also offers up seven other moody organ tracks here, and who knew an organ put people in the mood for love?  Yes folks, it's not just for funeral homes and skating rinks anymore.  Go get another old-fashioned, you really tore through that first one.  You're gonna have a hangover tomorrow.

Your "Full Dynamic Range" download is here

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Organ Fantasies - Jesse Crawford

That drink had a lot of green in it, or was it purple?

I can still hear the tinkling of those upper notes in tonight's Starlite Lounge presentation, "Organ Fantasies".  And yes, we certainly do know how that sounds, and we don't care what the neighbors think.  Jesse Crawford lulls you into a meditatative state with those low keys and foghorn-like bass notes.  Then all of a sudden, there's a high, tinkling fanfare that jolts through you.  Kind of like fingernails on a blackboard, except a whole lot more enjoyable. 

Especially after a number of green drinks.  Or purple.

Tonight's presentation comes to you in Spin-O-Rama, and it is of course Stereophonic (meaning it goes both ways)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Evening With Jerome Kern - The Velvet Voices

Ahhhh, velvet...it conjures up images of Canadian Whiskey, doesn't it? Here at the Starlite, we like velvet too, and in the case of tonight's featured artist, it's The Velvet Voices.  We were hoping Simon Rady's name would be on this release somewhere, after all, his "Voices In Motion" is one of our favorite discs here at the Lounge.  Alas, "An Evening With Jerome Kern" has no real link to Mr. Rady's little piece of hi-fi Heaven, but the more mellow tunes here sound as if they could have belonged on his release anyway. We prefer to skip the uptempo numbers and go straight for the dreamy, tinkling vibes in "Long Ago (And Far Away)", "I Dream Too Much", and "The Song Is You".

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Monday, February 20, 2012

My Funny Valentine - Gloria Lynne

Appearing tonight at the Starlite Lounge, for one night only, Miss Gloria Lynne.  There's a lot of chatter and clinking glassware in the lounge tonight, but you won't hear much of that once Miss Lynne starts to sing.  She has a way with a rock & roll number, like "Billy Boy", but we like her best when she lends her voice to a jazzy, blues-inflected number like "Man of Mine". 

Your "stereo stereo stereo stereo stereo" download is here

On the Sunset Strip In Fabulous Hollywood - Various Artists

Here's what we like best at the Starlite Lounge: a party.  And this isn't the same old crowd we're used to: Johnny Desmond, Curt Massey, Doris Drew.  With a guest list like this, how could you go wrong, right?  This cover appealed to us from the very beginning, despite its deceptively simple layout.  Look at the design of the track listing at the bottom, the way it expects you to follow its pattern to read the artists and titles involved.  We especially love the way "Dark Eyes" and "Lonesome Road" are orphaned tracks, with no artist taking credit for them (it's that way on the label, guests, believe me we tried to figure it out).  Maybe that's why we love those ones best of all.  We're not sure if we do it like they do it on the Sunset Strip or not, but we sure do love a good party.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Voices In Motion (1961) - Simon Rady

Late night in the Starlite Lounge.  You know we never close until you're ready to leave, right?  We know you're in a mellow mood by this hour, so tonight we've got something extra smooth and lush for your listening pleasure.  We'll send a fresh pitcher of martinis to your table while you enjoy Simon Rady's "Voices In Motion", one of our most favorite selections.

Rady was a record company exec and a producer, and he was clearly enamored with the latest hi-fi technology.  With cheerful but ghostly voices occupying all of the stereo quadrants, you'll feel surrounded by an ethereal glow.  There are plenty of well-known standards on hand here, including "Ebb Tide", "Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing", and "Charmaine". 

Hey, take it easy with those martinis.  We want you to get happy, not spend the rest of the evening in the john.  Well, if your head's on the ceiling by the time the third number starts, don't say we didn't warn you.

Your hi-fi download is here

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moods for Starlight - Francis Scott and His Orchestra

Welcome to the Starlite Lounge. Tonight's selection is culled from the 10" release "Moods for Starlight" by Francis Scott and His Orchestra. This one is a little dusty, but oh so swank indeed.  I cleaned up the crackle and added a little reverb to give it some extra lushness.  It sounds a little like an AM radio broadcast, which is perfect for our grand opening.