Monday, March 10, 2014

Simon Rady - Voices In Motion (mono rip)

Dream on, Starlite visitors, and experience the dreamy sounds of Simon Rady's "Voices In Motion" long player. It's one of our favorites here, perfect for those more quiet conversations while bellied up to the bar, or while closing up for the night.  Presented here is a brand new rip of the original mono mix, which is a lot nicer to listen to on headphones if you know what I mean. If you prefer the sound of stereo, visit our our previous feature of this record to pick up that rip.

Wives And Lovers - Jack Jones

We know it's been a while since he's been at the Lounge, and we know you love him, so you'll be pleased when I tell you Jack Jones is here. Enjoy one of Jack's classic offerings, "Wives And Lovers". You stereophonic lovers will be happy that this is our own stereo rip of this out-of-print gem.

Bottoms up, Jack!

The Paul Horn Quintet - Here's That Rainy Day

Well here's a nice surprise I recently discovered languishing in a dollar bin. I was on a binge, buying dollar records just for the interesting cover, and that's how I came across this beauty. This is about as easy as easy listening gets, and reminds me of Simon Rady's "Voices In Motion".  This one is far more instrumental however, and even though there are "voices" as the title suggests, the voices are mainly going "woooo" and "ahhhhh", occasionally sending out an actual lyric amid the mellow arrangements. Yes, this one is all about the atmosphere. It's also one of the cleanest sounding records I own, despite a number of surface marks, some of them quite nasty looking. I wasn't expecting this to sound so great, and I used no filtering on this rip, leaving in whatever vinyl crackle was still present.

And by the way, what ABOUT that cover? She's just sort of zoning out there, listening to the fire she started using that big bowl of matchbooks on the coffee table. Is that her smartphone lying on the ottoman in front of her? Maybe she's having a bad case of "wait by the phone".

Enjoy, Starlite visitors!

Here's Here's That Rainy Day!