Friday, August 3, 2012

Hawaiian Enchantment For Dancing - The George Poole Orchestra

Aloha from your friends at the Starlite Lounge! Thanks to everyone who asked about our hiatus, we're glad you were eager to come back. What a great night to throw open the doors again, when the hot night air makes it fun to cool down with some chilled cocktails. That lilting steel guitar that you hear seems to beckon you to a tropical paradi--oh, enough of the corny references already. The George Poole Orchestra is playing tonight, and while they may not actually be Hawaiian, fauxness is not only accepted in the exotica genre, it's essential. You don't have to really BE Hawaiian, you just have to think you are! Let's raise our tiki mugs to summer, shall we?

Your Stereophonic Enchantment download is here!