Sunday, June 23, 2013

Exotica Today - Martin Denny

How are YOU feeling today? Exotic? Well that's mighty fine by us at the Starlite, because tonight it's another rare one from maestro Martin Denny himself, "Exotica Today". This collection is not one of my favorite albums from Mr. Denny--I could do without his overly horn-y rendition of "Love Me With All Your Heart" (pun definitely intended), and his choice of "Lara's Theme" to cover leaves something to be desired. However, there are plenty of shimmering jewels on this long player to make up for the skippable ones. Denny's "Strangers In The Night" is a keeper for sure, and his supermarket-chic reading of "Promises" had me reeling with reverbbed excitement. You probably already know Martin Denny gave a name to the genre "Exotica", but who knew he was the inventor of the mash-up, too? Check out his unique take on the opening track "The Shadow Of Your Smile", where he wraps the song around the skeleton of his own #2 Billboard hit "Quiet Village".

Tonight's drink: it's no fooling around. You pour a shot or two of Tropical Punch flavored vodka in a large Tiki glass, then fill it with mango-orange juice and ice. Exotically hypnotique! Belly up to the bar, or just relax on the cheap rattan outdoor furniture and listen to this.

Your Tropical Exotic download is here!


  1. Hey! Nice to see a post here! Long time, eh? I would download this right now, but for some reason, the modem is out of whack. It gets stuck sometimes, or just takes more than 30 minutes to download a typical 50-80 meg file.
    Not so long between offerings, por favor? And thanks.

  2. Thanks Jack! I had some technical difficulties for a while, and the last time I posted I got some nasty remarks that were basically shaming me for not knowing what I was doing here. It took away a lot of my desire to put the effort into posting, but I'm back on track now. Enjoy the music!

  3. Ditto Radio Wizard's comment -- wasn't expecting any new posts. Thank you for this one.