Monday, March 10, 2014

Simon Rady - Voices In Motion (mono rip)

Dream on, Starlite visitors, and experience the dreamy sounds of Simon Rady's "Voices In Motion" long player. It's one of our favorites here, perfect for those more quiet conversations while bellied up to the bar, or while closing up for the night.  Presented here is a brand new rip of the original mono mix, which is a lot nicer to listen to on headphones if you know what I mean. If you prefer the sound of stereo, visit our our previous feature of this record to pick up that rip.


  1. Nice music from the Starlite Lounge, as always. Thanks!

  2. Good stuff...however I was going to grab the stereo version via the above link and that is not on there anymore. Perhaps you could reup? Thanks

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  4. Thank you very much for the stereo re-upload. Great site!