Monday, February 23, 2015

The George Shearing Quintet - Night Mist (Mono Rip)

Tonight at the Starlite Lounge we've got a doozy of a combo for you, The George Shearing Quintet...with Voices.  Yes, it's one of those Gleason-esque concoctions where a choir of ooooo-ing voices stands in for a typical string arrangement. This is one of our favorite types of records, and after listening carefully to this one, it's one of our favorite records, period. The voices mostly don't sing any words, and you mostly won't either after you're drawn into these benzocaine environments of tinkling vibes, softly shimmering ivories, and overall vaporous arrangements.

We suggest something blue from the will probably have some blue curacao in it, and we promise you it will be swanky and surprisingly strong.

As with everything here at the Starlite Lounge, this is our own personal rip. It came from a dollar used record bin, but was surprisingly clean, and after a glue treatment this baby sounds darn near perfect. It's the original 1957 mono release...ooooo, mono. We added just a light touch of filter to take the crackly edge off, but not enough to damage the high end too much. There's a bonus track at the end as well, one of the tracks revisited, this time plastered with dreamlike reverb and delay just for fun. We love to get plastered here at the Starlite.  Enjoy!

Your ultra misty Starlite download is here!


  1. OK for the first time anywhere that I've visited this has been posted; so, mono, or not, I'm grateful and overjoyed with this share!

    Thanks so much! Well done, nice site!

  2. I don't believe it was ever issued in stereo. Thanks for sharing it with us.