Thursday, February 23, 2012

An Evening With Jerome Kern - The Velvet Voices

Ahhhh, conjures up images of Canadian Whiskey, doesn't it? Here at the Starlite, we like velvet too, and in the case of tonight's featured artist, it's The Velvet Voices.  We were hoping Simon Rady's name would be on this release somewhere, after all, his "Voices In Motion" is one of our favorite discs here at the Lounge.  Alas, "An Evening With Jerome Kern" has no real link to Mr. Rady's little piece of hi-fi Heaven, but the more mellow tunes here sound as if they could have belonged on his release anyway. We prefer to skip the uptempo numbers and go straight for the dreamy, tinkling vibes in "Long Ago (And Far Away)", "I Dream Too Much", and "The Song Is You".

Your Living Stereo download is here


  1. This new blog looks great. Thanks for this album. I noticed it on another blog of RCA albums discography. Now I get a chance to hear it. Cool!

  2. Hope you like it as much as we do! I am sure you'll find the voices quite velvety and appealing.

  3. Hi.

    It's too quiet for me. Is it over with The Starlite lounge?

    Hope not.

  4. Hi just saw your site. Thank You for sharing

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