Monday, February 20, 2012

On the Sunset Strip In Fabulous Hollywood - Various Artists

Here's what we like best at the Starlite Lounge: a party.  And this isn't the same old crowd we're used to: Johnny Desmond, Curt Massey, Doris Drew.  With a guest list like this, how could you go wrong, right?  This cover appealed to us from the very beginning, despite its deceptively simple layout.  Look at the design of the track listing at the bottom, the way it expects you to follow its pattern to read the artists and titles involved.  We especially love the way "Dark Eyes" and "Lonesome Road" are orphaned tracks, with no artist taking credit for them (it's that way on the label, guests, believe me we tried to figure it out).  Maybe that's why we love those ones best of all.  We're not sure if we do it like they do it on the Sunset Strip or not, but we sure do love a good party.

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