Saturday, February 18, 2012

Moods for Starlight - Francis Scott and His Orchestra

Welcome to the Starlite Lounge. Tonight's selection is culled from the 10" release "Moods for Starlight" by Francis Scott and His Orchestra. This one is a little dusty, but oh so swank indeed.  I cleaned up the crackle and added a little reverb to give it some extra lushness.  It sounds a little like an AM radio broadcast, which is perfect for our grand opening.


  1. At that time, Capitol's "reverb" was actually the defunct air conditioning duct that spiraled down the outer wall of the circular tower. It depended on how far the speaker and microphone were placed apart.
    I'm sure you did things a little more hi-tech.

  2. I have Francis Scott's Moods for Firelight on 10" LP with 8 other nice easy listening tracks. But, I can't find anything about this musician. Who was he? What else did he do? It all sounds so much like Paul Weston's writing that it makes me wonder if Francis Scott wasn't another way for Weston to market his smooth "Music from Hollywood? sound.

  3. Hello! Thanks for this great sharing! If you have other albums from Francis Scott could you please share it. It very beautiful and rare music.