Monday, March 12, 2012

Batman - The Bat Boys

Spinning at the Lounge tonight is a favorite curiosity, this strangely anonymous instrumental record "Batman", credited only to The Bat Boys.  We think it's a pseudonym for a band that never was, since there's more than a little pilfering going on here.  Their frantic rendition of the "Batman" theme is what was clearly intended to convince the average record-buyer to part with their dollar, but this ain't Neil Hefti.  The cover is another cleverly designed piece, not quite the Batman logo, so no trademarks have been violated.  I wonder if anybody ever paid attention to the other tracks on the album? With titles like "Cheatin' Charlie" and "The Villain Strikes", could they have been trying to convince us this is an entire "Batman" collection? Trust us, it's not, but their lowbrow title selection is a gas all the same.  Charlie isn't the only one cheatin' here--several of the songs are simply tunes stolen from other songs, such as "Mars Visitor", which is simply a jazzy rearrangement of "Music To Be Murdered By".  We're pretty sure The Bat Boys were thinking of "Think I'm Going Out of My Head" when they penned "Fight Flight", too.  We're not sure though, the bartender has been serving up a shot called the Alien Brain Hemorrhage and we're going out of our heads over it. Glub glub glub....

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