Friday, March 9, 2012

This Thing Called Love - Simon Rady (1962)

Smiles, everyone....smiles.  This is a special night at the Starlite Lounge, because right here in this most swank of nightspots we learned of a followup to our beloved "Voices in Motion".  Well, we had to run right down to our local record store and pick it up, and here it is! Only Simon Rady can create the Voices the way we like them.  On this release, he's billing himself as Sy Rady, but just one listen and you'll realize that Simon by any other name is just the same--fabulous!  Pour yourself some of your favorite spirits and prepare to be elevated into the realm of the Voices.

Your stereo "360 sound" download is here

*we did our best to enhance the audio on these tracks, as some of them were slightly flawed due to damaged vinyl


  1. Thank you. It was a good tip. You found him quick. A pity, there are only two albums from Simon or Sy. But there are more great vocal groups. Try The Satisfiers or the Skip Jacks. Also a real treat.


  2. Thank you for this and all other posts! I am comingo from progressive music, than psychedelic and finally now in the lounge world. I believe we should surf our interests as they come and get the most of it! I am almost 50 and only now (and I am a musician!) I understand the beauty of these sounds. From exotic to crooners there is a world out there waiting for me. Take care. Greetings from Portugal ;-)