Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Starlit Hour - Bill Snyder

The twinkling of the stars is what we're all about here at The Starlite Lounge. So naturally we're going to get excited by this release, "The Starlit Hour", by Bill Snyder.  We've had some organ music here the last few days, how about some tickling of the ivories instead?  Be sure to read the back jacket write-up about Bill, which makes prominent mention of his $25,000 custom piano.  Is that what was used to create this particular 10 inch release?  Who knows.  It sounds like a million bucks to us, perfect as the soundtrack for a late-night dinner, complete with a strong martini.  Better yet, make it two.

This "Music For Your Mood" download can be found here


  1. The link does not work could you please up-load this please

    1. Back up and glittering, FootballRugby. Enjoy!