Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moving Percussion In Pops - The Hollywood Allstars

Tonight's featured cocktail is a real lively mixture from the Hollywood Allstars.  It's equal parts vibes, assorted exotic percussion, horns, jazzy snares, and snappy tunes, with a pinch of trains, roller coaster chains, and a cuckoo clock thrown in to give it a little kick.  The folks at Dyna Disc really knew how to cut the wax, let us tell you--visually this record was a mess, with tons of scratches and marks on it, and we expected the worst before we dropped the needle on it.  Turns out it didn't sound bad at all, much to our shock and delight.  It didn't require much before the sound was sparkling once again.  Enjoy!

Your Dyna-Download is here


  1. Hey!
    Welcome to Blogland!
    This is an amazing site and one great record.
    I love this version of Roller Coaster.
    I put you in my blog-roll over at Your Pal Doug's Pals.
    Once again, thanks for the terrific find, rip quality, and cover scans.
    Nice job.

    1. Thanks for your remarks, Doug! Noticed you liked "Voices In Motion" too, always a favorite here at the Starlite. We'll keep serving them up unless we get raided by the liquor control board.

  2. This sounds like a good album, but the link doesn't work. Can you upload the file again. Thanks! Steve