Monday, March 26, 2012

The Sound of Leroy Anderson - Stradivari Strings and Ping Pong Percussion

We admit it: sometimes we judge a book by its cover. Or at least, a Spin-O-Rama album cover.  While stocking up for background music at the Lounge, we stumbled across this gem, "The Sound of Leroy Anderson", which boasts not one but two lead artists: The Stradivari Strings and Ping Pong Percussion. The music is a strange combination of...well, percussion and strings.  But we sure do love that cover art best of all, the strange combination of iconic graphics.  Who knew ping pong balls could be colored like salt and pepper?

Your <-----Spin-O-Stereo-----> download is here


  1. Thanks. The Stradivari Strings were one of the many house orchestras. I bought one years ago for a considerable amount for the special cover. A large picture of 'Jayne Mansfield'. Anyway. it sounds very listenable.


  2. Where the heck do you find these obscure gems?
    Keep up the great work!

  3. RonH, your Mansfield cover sounds divoon! As Jayne herself might have said.

    YPD, this might answer your question: